Exchange Status Checker

Exchange information

This tool is provided such that people can obtain more information about the exchange their line is connected to. This includes information relating to when ADSL became available and where it is located.

Along with this detail, it includes information about the current and historical state. This detail ranges from backhaul capacity (speed related problems), planned maintainance and major service interuptions.

Simply type your phone number below to see what information is available. Alternately, you can type your postcode or exchange name to perform a search.

Top 10 Exchange Searches

1Color: GreenCheltenham35
2Color: GreenBath Kingsmead33
3Color: GreenHuddersfield32
4Color: GreenGolders Green32
5Color: GreenBermondsey31
6Color: GreenRochdale31
7Color: GreenSheffield Cutler30
8Color: GreenNorth Finchley29
9Color: GreenCrayford28
10Color: GreenWoolwich28
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