Exchange Status Checker

Results: Caxton

County: Cambridgeshire
Enabled: 16 Mar 2005
Market: 1
Mkt2014: A
unknown 20CN virtual paths: Unknown

BT have not reported the current 20CN status of this exchange. This can be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Exchange not yet enabled
  • Exchange offers fixed-speeds only
  • Capacity data still being collected
  • Database needs updating

If your exchange is enabled and you have reduced speeds, you should follow the Trouble Shooting tutorial before proceeding to contact support.

Record last updated: 01 Jan 70

Historical information for this exchange:

Status Date
green 03 Jan 14  
green 05 Dec 13  
green 15 Nov 13  
green 08 Nov 13  
green 18 Oct 13  

Please note: This checker is not a generic fault tracker. It is updated weekly when updates are available and reflects a snapshot of speed capacity from each exchange. Results shown here should not lead you to conclusive proof of an issue.

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Mkt2014 is the new market classification proposed in the Ofcom consultation paper Review of the wholesale broadband access markets published on 11/07/2013. This is given here for information only; there is no guarantee that Ofcom will adopt these classifications at the end of the consultation, and they might change any assigned values. Also how Plusnet will use them is to be announced.