Customer SQL Launch - 07:00 8th March 2006

CGI Services

Posted on: Wednesday 22 February 2006, 15:02

Service Affected: - Customer SQL

Maintenance Window: - 07:00 8th March 2006

Detailed description of work to be performed:-

We are pleased to announce a launch date for our upgraded SQL platform. From 8th March, you will automatically start using the new platform.

Providing you use the existing servers within PlusNet's recommendations (i.e. you use the hostname for your database server (Rumpus or Humbug), and NOT a hard coded IP address), then there is nothing you need to do during the changeover. If you do use a hardcoded IP, then your database should still continue to work for a short time, as we will replicate any changes to the old platform onto the new for a short amount of time, but we really would like you to change to using the hostname for your database server as soon as possible.

Also, we would like to remind all customers of the service again, that we are moving from MySQL 4.0 to MySQL 4.1, and as such, there may be some compatibility issues for some users, and we urge you to thoroughly check whether you need to make modifications to your SQL, or even your databases in order to receive a seamless transition between servers.

Expected Customer Impact: - Short outage (15 minutes) whilst switchover is finalised, then no further customer impact.

Kind Regards,

Dave Tomlinson
Customer Support

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