DSLMax Upgrade Programme Update


Posted on: Monday 3 July 2006, 16:07

We would like to provide an update and some useful information regarding our DSLMax upgrade programme. Recently we made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend all upgrades to Max. Significant numbers of our customers have seen connection problems after being regraded to Max; of the approximate 60,000 customers so far regraded around 10% have reported connection faults to us. These numbers are consequently causing large backlogs and increased waiting times and delays in resolving these issues.

One of the key problems is that BT's Dynamic Line Management (DLM) isn't working as well as it should. Many of the faults we are raising to BT Wholesale just involve BT making a few adjustments to a customer's line, adjustments that should be made automatically by the DLM system.

Until we are confident that the DLM system can correct these faults automatically without any manual intervention we will be keeping the ADSL status at amber and we don't want to see other customers experiencing problems with their connections and consequently difficulties contacting the support team. Once the problems are resolved we will be resuming the upgrade programme.

There are also a lot of queries being raised to us and being discussed in our forums and newsgroups about different aspects of DSLMax regarding speeds and troubleshooting connection problems. We are currently compiling a comprehensive guide to Max which aims to put into one document as much information about how Max works as possible along with troubleshooting information and some useful information that our customers have found, which we will be available on our support pages later this week. More information will be provided when the guide is available.

A further update on the upgrade programme will be posted later this week.

Kind Regards,

Dave Tomlinson
Customer Support

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