Email Platform Update - 6pm - 25th July


Posted on: Tuesday 25 July 2006, 19:13

This is an update to the previous status posting on the recent Email
issues. For reference, a full copy of the previous report is available

As stated in our previous update, we received a file list from our data recovery specialists. We then reviewed the list, assessed that all was in order, and asked them to commence the data recovery.

Yesterday they informed us that the area on the hard disk which stored the directory structure had been corrupted, and that they were currently trying to recreate the remaining information. However, they were at this time unsure as to how much information could be recovered, nor the likelihood of success.

Our investigation into the type of data that was contained in the emails, indicates that approximately 50% of these emails were identified as spam email, approximately 48% was emailed that had already been read, downloaded and left on our servers with approximately 1-2% of email that was unread. Having said this, we are aware that there is still a significant amount of customer email that is missing.

Today the recovery specialists advised us that the recreation of the directory structure has nearly been completed, and should no other setbacks occur, they should be able to start the recovery and then advise us as to how well this is proceeding.

Currently, they are unable to provide us with a timescale for how long the recovery is likely to take. However, they have stated that once file recovery has commenced, they should be able to supply more information regarding timescales.

Kind Regards,

James Bailey
Customer Comms Co-ordinator

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