Broadband Transfers to LLU Network - Update


Posted on: Friday 11 August 2006, 18:19

This update contains information on the following:

- Temporary hold on LLU transfers.
- A free dialup number available for all customers affected by an ADSL connection fault.
- Automatic credit policy for customers who have had more than 7 days downtime as a result of a transfer to LLU.

We've been transferring some customers to the Tiscali LLU platform since April this year. Supported by Ofcom, it is recognised in the industry that investment in LLU is good for competition and good for customers. We still believe LLU can offer higher speeds, better quality and a more stable service for our customers. However, as you may be aware, we have been having a number of difficulties during the transfer of customers to the Tiscali LLU platform. We hadn't expected as many issues as we saw, and we know we need to fix this for affected customers as quickly as possible.

We will shortly be publishing an FAQ on our portal which will go into more detail about the issues that have been reported during the LLU transfer process. Some of the problems have been caused by us and some by the process of the move (Either with Tiscali, or BT). We are keen to be open with our customers as to how we plan to resolve current issues, learn from them and move forward. The FAQ will also include the answers to many of the technical, product and process questions we have been asked by our community recently.

We have made a lot of progress already, but to give us a chance to take stock of the situation, we have decided:

- Not to make any further transfers to Tiscali LLU for the moment.
- Moves in progress will continue, and we have already placed orders which will continue to be installed up to the week commencing 29th August (About 4000 customers).

Between Tiscali and ourselves we have put in place a number of measures that we believe will significantly improve the transfer experience for these customers. We will be carefully reviewing the success of the next batch of transfers before planning any further transfers to LLU.

We'd like to thank all of our customers and the PlusNet UserGroup for their feedback on this matter. While for many people, whose transfer has worked fine, the experience on Tiscali has been better than the equivalent IPStream service, we do understand what a difficult time some customers have had. We intend to start a process next week of crediting any customer affected by more than 7 days downtime as a result of a move to LLU. This will be an automated process for customers with connectivity faults open for longer than 7 days since we began the process of LLU transfers. Credit will only be applied once a fault has been resolved. Complete details of how this process will work will be published as an update on Wednesday next week. In the mean time, due to the high volume of contacts we are currently receiving in our support centre, we would be grateful if customers would hold off contacting us further on this matter until after those details are published.

We also announced yesterday that a Free Dial-up connection will now be automatically offered to any customer who reports a broadand connectivity problem to us. This will allow access the Internet via a modem even in the event of a connection difficulty. Details of this can be found here:

Kind Regards,

Neil Armstrong
Products Director

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