CCGI Problem - (Ref 34496) - RESOLVED

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Posted on: Tuesday 15 August 2006, 18:00

This is an update to the previous post regarding CGI websites. A copy of this report can be found here:

We have now completed our investigation into the problem with missing CGI websites and identified the cause of the problem. We have restored the majority of customer data, however 71 directories have been lost which we believe relates to around 10 customers' sites.

One of our backend account management servers which generates the list of customers that exist on the CGI platform had an issue. This meant that rather than creating a complete list of customers an empty file was created. This empty file was then processed by the CGI servers and started removing all accounts. As there were no entries in this file the CGI servers interpreted this as being that there shouldn't be any accounts on the CGI platform. We discovered that this was happening and stopped this immediately; unfortunately customers with a username beginning with 'A' and some of 'B' had their CGI directories removed.

We immediately started recovering these and discovered a small number of the archived backups which the script creates were corrupt. This is because their directories were archived more than once. When the second archive was created it was creating an archive of an empty directory and so there was nothing to archive and overwrote the backup with an empty file.

We have modified our scripts to include the following changes to make sure this does not happen again:

1) At the end of the file with the list of users we will include a unique key. If this key is not present the script will not process any additions or deletions.

2) Each archive backup file that is created will have a unique timestamp as part of the filename. This means if the archive is attempted more than once a unique file will be created for each attempt.

We would like to offer our apologies to the customers affected by this. We intend to re-enable CGI activations for customers that have activated their CGI space since last Friday later in the week.

Kind Regards,

Dave Tomlinson
Customer Support

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