Customer Support Centre - Bank Holiday Weekend


Posted on: Saturday 26 August 2006, 14:56

As a number of you will be aware, we have recently been experiencing backlogs with our customer support responses. We have previously detailed this in other posts, the most recent one can be found here:

In recognition of the inconveniences that our customers have been experiencing as a result of these delays, the entire company is going to be doing a massive push on ticket work over the course of the weekend.

A large number of our employees, from Director level downwards, who do not usually work in the Customer Support Centre, are working over the Bank Holiday (both from home and in our "Internet House" office) to help out with the ticket responses so that we can reduce the backlog and start getting back to response times that our customer quite rightly expect.

So if you have a few minutes on Monday, why not see how many of us are badgering away to improve the response times you've been seeing by looking at our online webcams?

We will be posting a further update to our Customer Support Centre Evolution in the early part of next week to let you know how we are progressing and how we are designing our business to ensure that you get the quality level of support that you expect from PlusNet.

Kind Regards,
Carol Axe
Head of Customer Services

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