Max Regrades - Update


Posted on: Tuesday 26 September 2006, 17:58

As detailed previously in Service Status we made the decision to suspend MaxDSL (upto 8Mb) upgrades back in June, and we then reinstated the programme after lengthy discussion with BT in July.

Since then, we have been submitting just under 1000 orders per week. We have been monitoring the fault reports for these connections very closely, especially looking for any generic issues arising from the upgrades. We are pleased to report that the number of faults raised following a Max upgrade has decreased significantly (to around 4.5%), but this is still higher than for customers who are on fixed speed connections.

We currently have approximately 11,000 customers who have asked to be regraded via, and we estimate that these orders will be completed within the next eight to ten weeks.

In the mean time, we know that a number of customers wish to upgrade sooner, and the length of the wait has been frustrating. To help with this we will shortly be implementing a "jump the queue" option, which will be available from tomorrow from the help assistant section of our portal website. There will be a nominal fee of £5 for this upgrade, which is to cover the processing cost of the manual change. The free Max upgrade remains available for customers who don't mind continuing to wait for the upgrade to be applied to their account.

To summarise, customers wishing to get an upgrade to MaxDSL now have two options :

1) Opt in to the upgrade here and be upgraded for free within the next 8 weeks.

2) Request an upgrade via the help assistant, and be upgraded within 3 working days, for a fee of £5.

We will continue to monitor very closely the upgrades placed, and the number of faults raised as a result, and will take any actions necessary to reduce this where possible.

Kind Regards,

Mand Beckett
Customer Support

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