Antispam Platform Improvements


Posted on: Thursday 26 October 2006, 12:23

Recently we made an announcement regarding an influx of enquiries to the
support centre concerning the recent increase in the volumes of
unsolicited email and SPAM being received across the Internet.

A copy of this announcement can be found here for your reference:-

In response to this increase in unsolicited email we have since made a
number of improvements to our antispam platform.

The main change is to introduce a further layer of 'Bayesian' filtering
in addition to the current methods being used:-

Since implementing these changes we have seen a marked improvement in
the number of junk emails now being marked as SPAM. In addition to this
though we have also seen numerous reports of 'false positives' or
legitimate email that should not have been marked as SPAM.

The successful identification of email as legitimate or SPAM is
dependent on how well our new filters are trained. In order to train the
filters you can help by forwarding incorrectly marked email to the
following addresses:-

- Email that has been *incorrectly* marked as SPAM should be forwarded

- Any SPAM email you have received that has not been marked as such
should be forwarded to

Using these false positives and incorrectly tagged messages will allow
us to further train the SPAM filter in order to increase it's accuracy.

Where possible forwarding your email messages inline will be more
effective then forwarding them as an attachment.

Please note that not all accounts offer server side spam filtering.
If your account does not offer antispam filtering then you may be able
to take advantage of this service by upgrading your account.

We will be updating the content on our web portal to reflect these new
improvements to the SPAM platform shortly.

Kind Regards,

Bob Pullen
Customer Support

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