ADSL Authentication - UPDATE


Posted on: Friday 2 February 2007, 15:07

This is a update to the previously reported authentication problems affecting some broadband customers. A copy of the last announcement can be seen here:-

Since the last announcement we have continued to receive reports from broadband customers of intermittent authentication problems during peak times.

These problems occur when customers fail to connect to one of the core routers that grant access to our network. This is because a number of these routers are carrying the maximum amount of sessions, and whilst attempts to connect should be routed to an access point with session availability this is not always happening and gives the impression that authentication is failing.

Customers trying to connect during these times may see authentication failures or be presented with a BT Wholesale Service Information page.

Last week we implemented our Broadband Firewall feature for some customers. This has helped to increase the effectiveness of 'idle time-outs' across our platform resulting in fewer sessions being carried by each gateway.

What this does not address however is the inbalance of customers across our platform. This has been made worse following recent problems with the gateway ptn-ag1:-

We have arranged for BT to steer more sessions towards the undersubscribed pipes however this is a gradual process and takes days before a noticeable effect is seen.

To help prevent this inbalance from causing authentication problems over the weekend we have taken the decision to perform some load balancing across our platform. This will involve a number of users being disconnected from the network. These customers should be able to reconnect almost immediately.

We advise any customers that do have problems reconnecting to power down their equipment for 20 minutes before trying again.

We will provide a further update regarding this problem next week.

Kind Regards,

Bob Pullen
Customer Support

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