Potential service disruptions - NEW


Posted on: Tuesday 26 June 2007, 11:49

Sheffield has experienced some very severe weather conditions over the last 24 hours, and many parts of the main rivers surrounding Sheffield have flooded local areas.

Our Customer Support Centre is currently working under vastly reduced resources, following on from the Service Status post here: http://usertools.plus.net/status/archive/1182847323.htm,

In addition to this there is a threat that many parts of Sheffield will lose power today, due to the main substation being located near a reservoir dam which is feared to burst. There are currently measures in place to prevent this, however we are unsure as to the success of this at the moment, as reported by the BBC here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/south_yorkshire/6239782.stm

Should the power outage occur this has the potential to severely impact our Sheffield based services, including portal services, homepages, email, and our Customer Support Centre.

Connectivity should remain unaffected, as will CCGI and MySQL services, and usenet.

We are currently finalising deployment of our Disaster Recovery procedure in order to bring services back up as soon as possible should the worst happen, however we wanted to make all customers aware of the possibility with as much warning as possible.

Thank you for your continued patience during this time.

Kind Regards
Mand Beckett
Customer Support

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