Broadband LLU Speeds (43907) - UPDATE


Posted on: Wednesday 4 July 2007, 22:39

This is an update to the previously reported problem resulting in slow download speeds for Broadband LLU customers. A copy of the last announcement can be seen here:-

Since moving some of our Broadband LLU customers to the gateway thn-ag3, we have noticed a significant reduction in the volume of speed related faults being raised to our support centre.

As part of the continuing investigation we have decided to try routing all customers' traffic via this secondary gateway. This will allow us to concentrate on identifying any faults with thn-ag2 without the risk of disrupting customers' service, and will hopefully see a further reduction in the number of speed complaints being reported. In order to achieve this it will be necessary to disconnect LLU customers who are still connected via the original gateway. We will post a planned maintenance announcement regarding this work shortly.

Customers can find out if they are provisioned on our LLU platform by checking the gateway they are connected to. LLU customers are currently connecting to our network via the gateways known as thn-ag2 and thn-ag3*

* Please note that some BT IPStream customers are also routed via this gateway.

We would like to thank customers for their patience and will provide another update next week.

Kind Regards,

Bob Pullen
Customer Support

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