Notice to users of our CGI Web Hosting platform - Monday 21st July

CGI Services

Posted on: Monday 21 July 2014, 15:41

This is an announcement about the recent migration of customers' webspace content from our legacy CGI web hosting platform to a new hosting environment managed via the Control Panel at

This notice does *not* apply to those using our 'Standard' Webspace/Homepages platform which is a completely separate service.

Information concerning the CGI migration can be found here -

The migration was completed back in March and we have allowed several months since then to give customers the opportunity to check that their sites are working and get in touch with us should they encounter problems.

The old servers are going to be removed/decommissioned towards the end of this week.

**If you have a website or content uploaded to our CGI platform, and you haven't done so already, then please check that everything is present and working in the new environment**

We will be unable to recover any data from the old CGI FTP servers after they have been decommissioned. Database content will be retained for a short while longer, however we will only be able to restore from this in exceptional circumstances and it too will be deleted before long.

If you have any questions or concerns about this announcement then please head over to our discussion forums where we'll be on hand to help -,6.0.html

Best regards,

Bob Pullen
Customer Support.

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