Planned BT Broadband Network Maintenance - Week commencing 6th July 2015


Posted on: Friday 3 July 2015, 15:16

When is this work happening?
Overnight throughout the week.

What does it affect?
Broadband connectivity.

How long will it take?
Up to six hours each time.

What does the work involve?
We've received notifications from our suppliers about maintenance work that is scheduled to take place in the following areas this week. This work typically takes place between midnight and 6am.

6th July
London Poplar, Blackpool Sands Service, Bristol West, Caversham, Edinburgh Waverley, Birmingham STR, Bungay, Cambridge Central, Cirencester, Fleet, Gainsborough Trinity, Stepney.

7th July
Leeds Basinghall, London Leytonstone, Sandgate, Bath Kingsmead, Birmingham West Bromwich, Blandford, Bristol South,Edinburgh Dalkeith, Farnborough, Faraday, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, Totton, Bristol, Upper Holloway, Southbank, Walton, Slough, Wandsworth, Slough. Warwick, Milton Keynes, Waterlooville, Kingston, West Malling, Faraday, Westbourne, Bristol, Weston Super Mare, Bristol, Willaston, Wolverhampton, Willowcroft, Nottingham, Windsor, Slough, Winsford (Cheshire), Wolverhampton, Witham, Stepney, Woodford, Stepney.

8th July
London Faraday, Aylesbury Bucks, Bangor, Bicester, Blyth Northumberland, Brigg, East Kilbride, Fernhill Heath, Inveurie Historic, Barnsley Mill, Birmingham Midland, Woodley Cheshire, Manchester, Worcester Park, Southbank, Worksop, Sheffield, Chesham, Colindale, Balham, Southbank, Corby, Milton Keynes, Cricklewood, Colindale, Deptford, Faraday, Birmingham Northern, Birmingham, Boston Ridge, Peterborough, Brixton, Faraday, Burslem, Wolverhampton, Cambridge Central, Peterborough, Canterbury, Kingston, Cheltenham, Birmingham, Ecclesfield, Sheffield.

9th July
Glasgow Giffnock, Herne Bay, Hunslet Garnet, Liverpool Bromborough, London Gypsy Hill, London Teddington, Hexham, Aberdeen Central, Aberystwyth , Ashford, Ashton in Makerfield, Aberdeen, West Glasgow, Acomb, Leeds, Almondsbury, Cardiff, Alnwick, Newcastle, Alton, Kingston, Ardrossan, Edinburgh, Aycliffe, Newcastle, Barnsley, Leeds, Edgware, Colindale, Feltham, Slough, Fernhill Heath, Birmingham, Formby, Preston, Glasgow Shettleston, Preston, Glossop, Sheffield, Halstead, Peterborough, Harrow, Colindale.

10th July
Bournemouth, Birmingham Midland, Bedford, Bangor Gwynedd, Hexham, Liverpool Claughton, London Byfleet, London Fulham, Londonderry, Manchester Prestwich, Hendon West, Colindale, Kendal, Preston, Kettering, Peterborough, Kings Lynn, Peterborough, Kingsland Green, Southbank, Merton Park, Southbank, Pudsey - Leeds, Stowmarket, Peterborough, Basinghall, Leeds, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Belfast City, Glasgow, Berwick Upon Tweed, Newcastle, Bexleyheath, Southbank, Birmingham Erdington, Birmingham, Bolton, Manchester, Bridgwater, Bristol.

Although these are the areas or exchanges we have been notified of, due to the nature of the broadband network these outages may affect customers nationwide. There are also a number of smaller exchange works most nights of the week that may cause smaller outages at individual exchanges.

Am I likely to notice the work?
Yes, there's a chance that you may be disconnected from the internet for a period of time during the maintenance window.

Is there anything else I need to know?
Any customers having problems connecting once the maintenance is complete are advised to log into their router interface and click connect.

Kind regards,

Chris Parr
Customer Relations

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