Update - Major Service Outage - North Yorkshire - Flood effected areas


Posted on: Monday 28 December 2015, 22:50

We currently dont have an estimated time of resolution but we will be checking for further updates with our suppliers who made us aware of a Major Service Outage affecting large areas of North Yorkshire.

This has caused a loss of broadband connectivity for a significant number of our customers due to the effects of wide spread flooding in this area.

Those with the following area codes may find that they are unable to access the internet at present: 01262, 01287, 01325, 01347, 01388, 01405, 01429, 01430, 01439, 01723, 01740, 01757, 01765, 01833, 01904, 01944, 01964, 01969

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. We'll provide further updates as soon as more information becomes available to us.

Kind Regards

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